The Magenta Principles

The Magenta Principles are a philosophy and approach to teaching and learning that are based upon a belief that:

  • learning is the consequence of thinking, therefore our job is to get children to think
  • language is central to thinking, therefore our job is to get children talking
  • learning is an active process, therefore our job is to get children doing something with the information they have.

When planning our teaching we consider how we will provide opportunities for children to discuss their learning, use the information, and think deeply about what they are learning.

We use a number of different principles when planning based around a common vocabulary, that all schools who have adopted the Magenta principles will recognise:

  • reduce
  • change
  • replace
  • add
  • arrange
  • sequence
  • assemble
  • classify
  • compare
  • ​connect​

The overarching aim of the Magenta Principles and our use of them, is to plan and deliver interesting, enjoyable lessons, that will provide children with more knowledge about a concept in a way that will help them remember it - embed it - and gain a deeper understanding.