Developed from our vision of 'Learning at the Heart of our Community', we run a house system.

How it works

  • Every child in the school is placed into a House
  • Brothers and sisters in the school are in the same House
  • All members of staff at Giles Brook are in a House (except Miss Britnell)
  • One teacher from each House is the House Leader
  • Year 6 representatives are elected as House Captains in the Autumn Term
  • They are required to write a manifesto and present this to their peers. Staff and children then have the opportunity to vote for their House Captain
  • The House Captains are responsible for adding up house points each week, presenting results in assemblies, speaking at House meetings, being an ambassador for the school and encouraging members of their House to do their best at all times.

Earning Points

  • House points can be awarded by any adult at school and can be awarded for any reason that the adult believes is worthy of a housepoint. This may well be for an exceptional piece of work or a skill shown but it may also be for an act of kindness towards others or for playing successfully and showing respect with peers. We are keen to value the effort put into the learning process just as much as the outcome
  • House points are collected by teachers on a chart displayed in each classroom
  • On Thursday lunchtimes, House Captains collect the house points for their Houses
  • These are announced in assembly on Friday and a running total is shown on the display in the reception area
  • The winning House each half term is given a reward such as extra playtime or a mufti day
  • At the end of the year, the House with the most overall house points wins a shield
  • Sports Day will usually be a competition between Houses - the winning House will receive the House Sports Cup.

House Names

Our house names were chosen by our school community, including pupils, staff and parents.

The names reflect the diversity in our community both locally and further afield, and represent the ideas we believe are important, such as protecting our planet, civil rights and local history.

Our house names are:

  • David Attenborough (Green)
  • Alan Turing (Red)
  • Rosa Parks (Blue)
  • Elizabeth II (Yellow)