Friends Association

Welcome to Giles Brook School's Friends Association!

We are excited to introduce you to our Friends Association, which was established with the primary goal of enhancing the overall experience of our children during their time at Giles Brook School. Our friendly team of volunteers are committed to making a positive impact by:

  • Enhancing Learning Experiences: We raise funds to provide essential equipment that enhances playtimes, learning opportunities, and broader experiences for the children.
  • Assisting School Projects and Trips: We extend a helping hand to the school by supporting various projects such as a theatre company visiting the school during World Book Week and helping fund the coach for the school trip to MK Panto!
  • Adding Some Fun! We organise fun-filled events and after-school fundraisers for everyone to enjoy, such as our famous cake sales, year 6 leavers disco, our annual Summer Fete and much much more!

How Can You Be a Part of It?

We welcome all parents, grandparents, friends, and staff to join us at our Annual General Meeting held each year in September/October. If you miss the AGM, don’t worry! You can become involved at any time throughout the year. Just get in touch with one of our friendly Friends members or email us at for more information. We warmly welcome new members, volunteers, and innovative ideas.

We understand that busy schedules may not allow everyone to attend meetings. This is no problem, we actively encourage participation in various events, and even a small contribution of time or assistance goes a long way.

You could lend a hand at one of our regular cake sales, support our Summer Fair, or help with event preparation and setup. We believe that together, we can make a difference and ensure the success of our school's endeavors.

Celebrating Our Successes

Thanks to the unwavering support of our community, the Friends Association has made impactful contributions to Giles Brook School. Here are some of the valuable investments we've made in recent times:

  • The Trim Trail: An amazing play equipment enjoyed by all, creating exciting play and lunchtime experiences. This project was made possible through funds raised by our Friends Association, totalling £20,000.
  • Empowering Learning with Technology: We provided new iPads and IT equipment to enhance cross-curricular learning, providing children with up-to-date tools and resources.
  • Enriching the Curriculum: From globes to books and atlases, we invested in Maths, Geography, and Science resources, enriching the delivery of our curriculum.
  • Creating Cozy Spaces: We added charming playground seating pods/houses, a favourite spot for children to chat with friends and enjoy mid-morning snacks.
  • Encouraging Active Play: We provided various playground equipment, such as bats, balls, skipping ropes, and construction kits, to keep children engaged during active play and offer indoor games for wet playtimes.
  • Affordable Theatre Experiences: Our Friends Association sponsored transportation costs for the MK pantomime, allowing our Y3 children to enjoy an enriching theatre experience each year at affordable prices for parents.
  • Nurturing Creativity: During Book Week, we treated the entire school to an exciting theatre performance, inspiring a love for reading and the arts.

What's Next?
We are currently raising funds for an exciting new project - updating the current Art room into a fully functional Art and Technology space. Stay informed of what is coming up from our Friends Association each week by joining our online community through our Friends Facebook page

Useful Links and Info
We have a number of easy ways you can help raise money for Giles Brook Friends Association immediately:

  • Easy Fundraising: By supporting Giles Brook Friends Association on
    #easyfundraising, you'll raise FREE donations with your everyday shopping. To sign up, simply visit
  • Join Our School Lottery! Each month, there is a guaranteed prize for a player from our school, plus a chance to win £25,000 in the national draw.
    Click for full information (*please gamble responsibly).
  • Christmas Cards: Each year, you have the opportunity to buy Christmas cards and gifts designed by your child. A percentage of all sales come back to the school, so please support this initiative when you can.
  • Labels: We work alongside Stikins Name Labels - if you use the link below, a percentage of the labels sold is donated directly back to us!

Let's continue working together to create an exceptional educational experience for all our children. Your involvement matters, and together, we can achieve so much more!

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