At Giles Brook School we want all our children to grow up valuing themselves, others and the environment.

Values are principles that guide behaviour.  In 2022, we consulted our community on the values we want to teach and model, and to give time for reflective practices. We believe that this empowers individuals to be effective learners and good citizens.

We focus in particular on six key values at Giles Brook. We promote and teach these values to our children with a focus on one in particular each half term to allow us to think about this in more depth.

Each half term begins with a special values assembly focusing on the half term's focus value. Throughout the half term, we particularly celebrate children’s behaviour which embraces this value.

We want our children to be:What does it mean to us?
KindWe show kindness to others and expect others to be kind to us. We show kindness in our thoughts, words and actions. We take steps to stop any actions which may lead to bullying.
InclusiveWe value and nurture every child as an individual; as someone whose uniqueness, interests and passions are supported and celebrated. We are a community who learn together, care for one another and make the most of every opportunity.
RespectfulWe show respect and tolerance for everyone in our community. We respect ourselves and others alike, taking care of friends, family, our community and the environment. We value what others say and do and we enjoy learning about different beliefs and cultures.
HappyWe recognise that being happy is really important to be able to be our best and learn as well as we can. Happiness fuels our motivation to aim high, embrace challenges and work hard. We want everyone in our community to be happy in order to thrive.
HonestWe understand that honest thoughts, words and actions are important. We always try to be honest but kind in everything that we do. We take responsibility for any mistakes that we make. We develop positive relationships within school and the community.
ResponsibleWe are responsible, independent learners and young people. We understand what it means to be responsible and work well with others. We thrive on responsibility whilst learning from others and reflecting on situations to enable us to develop our responsibilities further.

British Values

At Giles Brook, we also take every opportunity to promote British Values, defined by the government as: Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs. We aim to promote these values both in lessons and in extra-curricular activities to ensure our children leave school fully prepared for life in modern Britain.