Our Nursery

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Giles Brook Primary School provides children with the opportunities to experience the best possible start to their education and future years at school. Through grasping opportunities in child initiated learning, as well as direct teaching the children build a solid foundation to build on as they progress through their journey in KS1 education and beyond.

Our Giles Brook Nursery is an integral part of our school. Caterpillars has been designed with children in mind and we provide a homely atmosphere for all the children to learn and develop. The children have free flow access to our outdoor classroom in which they have the opportunities to investigate and explore their outdoor learning environment whenever they choose.

Our Nursery team are dedicated, hard-working, skilled and most of all passionate about their roles, the children and the parents. We are very passionate at providing the best possible start for children and their families and ensure that the children have an enjoyable time while at Nursery, making sure their needs and interests are met through exciting activities and play opportunities.

In our Nursery we enhance areas to interest children, then grasp ‘in the moment’ opportunities to push children’s areas of learning forward. Our inside and outside areas provides the prospect for children to explore, experiment, make decisions and be curious; enabling them to learn and develop. Children will learn through play, developing their learning by building on practical experiences which extend their interests.

Our Nursery children get the opportunity to visit various parts of the school during their time in Caterpillars, so the school becomes very familiar to them by the time they move up to Reception.

If you would like your child to experience a happy, safe and stimulating environment, please arrange an appointment to come and visit the Nursery and see for yourself what a great learning environment it really is. We will be happy to answer any questions either by telephone or in person.