The designated area for our school is Tattenhoe. Children are admitted in September in the academic year when they are 5.

We also admit children to other year groups throughout the year if there are places available.

The MK School Admissions Team co-ordinate all school admissions. They process all applications and will write to you to let you know if a place has been allocated.

For children starting school for the first time in September, you can apply online on the council’s website here.

We will be pleased to answer any queries that you may have and parents will always be welcome to come in and see the school in operation. Please call the school office on 01908 507627 if you wish to arrange a visit.

A meeting for all new parents will be held each Summer Term to discuss school routine and the entry arrangements. The children will have an opportunity to spend some time in their new class with their teacher before starting school in September. Parents will also be able to attend with their children for some afternoon story sessions.

Visits will also be made by staff to local pre-schools in the term before children begin school. Our Foundation Stage teachers also offer a home visit in the first week of the Autumn Term as our Foundation aged children start slightly later than other children in the school.

If you wish to apply for a place during the year to other year groups please contact the School Admissions Team on 01908 253338 to request an in-year admissions pack or visit the council’s website here.

At the end of Year 6 children transfer to secondary school.

​You will receive information about the secondary admission process in September of Year 6.

Children from our school’s defined area usually transfer to Shenley Brook End School or The Hazeley School

School Admissions Contact

Education Access Team

1 Saxon Gate East
Milton Keynes

Tel: 01908 253338